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Consulting to Build your Customer experience strategy to drive change in your organization through culture, employee engagement, brand values, voice of the customer, customer experience design and metricsTemkin Group consulting services gives organizations the targeted advice and the knowledge they need to build up their customer experience skills. Instead of deploying an army of consultants, we empower our clients to successfully drive change on their own.

We provide services for companies trying to transform their customer experience as well as for vendors who support those efforts.See the many ways that we can accelerate your customer experience journey or download our company overview (.pdf).


Customer Experience Transformation Services

Temkin Group provides companies with customized packages of our consulting services to help them smoothly navigate through their multi-year CX transformational efforts. Our team of thought leaders can help guide your company through every stage of its journey, whether it’s just starting out or looking for new ways to gain an edge.

Temkin Group helps companies improve their performance across a wide range of areas, including CX organizational structure and plans, employee engagement, purposeful leadership, compelling brand values, voice of the customer programs (including Net Promoter® Score), experience design, and measurements and metrics. Here are some of our offerings:

  • CX Operational Assessments: Temkin Group will evaluate your customer experience strategy and plans to make sure that you’re on the right track. We can provide advice though a single on-site strategy day or with our Strategy Review & Refresh Program. Services include benchmarking customer experience competencies and identifying key activity and performance gaps.
  • Interactive Training: Temkin Group offers a wide variety of training services, including open-enrollment workshops, in-house workshops, and customized training programs. Our CX transformists teach participants how to apply the principles of customer experience through a combination of presentations, discussions and small group exercises.
  • Speeches and Off-Sites: Temkin Group will design and deliver customized sessions to meet your particular needs. Whether it’s for an all-employee meeting, a CX team offsite, an executive retreat, or for an educational webinar, we will provide informative and inspiring content as speakers and facilitators.
  • CX Leadership Coaching: Temkin Group will provide ongoing support for executives who are leading CX transformation efforts. Whether you need feedback on a strategic issue, advice on a new initiative, recommendations on a selection, or just a sounding board, we’ll be there to support your needs.
  • Experience Evaluations: Temkin Group will evaluate your customer experiences (Web, phone, store, cross-channel) using our SLICE-B expert review methodology. These projects will identify key strengths and weaknesses and can be used to compare experiences with competitors as well as with best-in-class firms from other industries.


Vendor Marketing and Strategy Services

Temkin Group helps vendors reach the right audiences with the right CX products and messages. While we support many vendors, we remain entirely independent. The recommendations we provide to companies for selecting vendors are never based on our relationships with the vendors who use our services. Here are some of our vendor offerings:

  • Speeches and Webinars: Temkin Group will provide highly engaging speeches for vendor marketing events, user group meetings, or webinars across a wide range of CX topics.
  • Strategic Roadmap Reviews: Temkin Group will evaluate your product plans to make sure that they are aligned with the needs of customer-centric organizations.
  • Marketing Reviews: Temkin Group will review your marketing plans to ensure that you deliver the right message to the right audience.
  • Roadmap Reviews: Temkin Group will evaluate your product plans to make sure that they align with the needs of customer-centric organizations.
  • Research Licensing: License our published research to use as lead generators in your marketing campaigns.

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