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Engaged employees create engaged customers, yet organizations continue to leave employees much less than fully engaged. To reap the benefits of this connection, attend Temkin Group’s upcoming workshop in Miami on March 21 & 22Engaging Employees In Your CX Journey.


Temkin Group has been focused on employee engagement since the inception of the company in 2010. We recognize that it is one of the critical drivers of success for almost any organization. Take a look at our employee engagement resources.

Who Should Attend the Workshop?

This workshop is ideal for executives as well as individual contributors who are responsible for raising employee engagement to support the organization’s customer experience strategy. Both CX and HR professionals will benefit from a more practical, disciplined approach to use within their organization.

What Will Workshop Attendees Will Learn?

  • Make the case for EE. Develop a quantitative and qualitative understanding of how employee engagement (EE) is connected to both customer experience success and overall improved business performance by examining Temkin Group’s Employee Engagement Virtuous Cycle.
  • Develop toolkit for improving EE. Learn best practices across Temkin Group’s Five I’s of Employee Engagement, including how to build employee listening systems and tap into social media tools.
  • Identify your EE priorities. Gauge the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s EE efforts using Temkin Group’s Employee Engagement Maturity and Competency Assessment.
  • Drive change. Learn how to drive change across your organization with Temkin Group’s five practices of Employee-Engaging Transformation.


Why Attend a Temkin Group Workshop?

Temkin Group designs all of its training programs to be engaging, fun, and above all, informative. Because we believe that people learn best when they actively apply what they are learning to their own specific situations, our training sessions combine multiple teaching modes to help participants better internalize the information and adopt new behaviors. Our teaching modes include lectures, interactive discussions, small-group exercises, self-assessments, and action planning.

What Other Training Does Temkin Group Offer?

Workshop2Temkin Group provides a wide variety of training for organizations and individuals that are looking to learn and apply leading-edge practices. We offer a full schedule of open enrollment workshops and also provide in-house training programs tailored to meet your needs.

Here are some upcoming open enrollment workshops:

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