2012 Research

The State of CX Metrics, 2012

December 2012

Using our CX results from our CX metrics assessment, we compared companies with strong CX metrics efforts to other companies and found that the stronger programs have much better CX results.

We examined the CX metrics that companies are using an how that’s changed over the previous year. Here are the top seven (out of the 12 we examined).

The research has 17 figures examining the activities and effectiveness of CX metrics efforts. Here are a few of the additional findings:


> Only 11% of respondents think that their company mostly integrates CX and financial metrics, and it’s down from 13% in 2011. Also, only 35% of companies consider CX metrics in many of their important decisions.


> About 40% of executive teams review CX metrics at least monthly, which is about the level we found last year.


> Fifty percent of companies use common metrics across most of their company, an increase from 43% last year.


> Over half of companies feel good about their measurements of phone and online experiences, but only about one-quarter of them feel that way about measuring mobile and cross channel experiences.

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