2013 Research

The State of the CX Profession, 2013

February 2013

This report is an update to the report we published last year. Here are some of the interesting datapoints:


> Forty-nine percent of CX pros think their efforts had a positive impact in 2012 and 75% expect to have a positive impact in 2013.
> Ninety-eight percent of CX pros thin they are in a great profession.
>Ninety-one percent of CX pros are satisfied with the content of their jobs, but only 66% are satisfied with opportunities for advancement.
>Thirty-eight percent of CX pros are likely to look for a new job (outside their company), which is down from 41% last year.
>Voice of the customer programs remains the activity in which CX pros are most actively involved. The area of focus with the largest change since last year is “process analysis and redesign, where 57% of CX pros are involved this year versus 52% last year.
>The percentage of CX pros who agree that their customer experience efforts have all of the resources, skills, and leadership they need has dropped form 46% to 41%.
>Fifty-four percent of CX pros expect their company to spend more on CX in 2013 than it did in 2012, compared with 53% last year.
>Forty-six percent of CX pros expect their firm to expand their full-time CX staff, up from 40% last year.
>At the top of the list of vendors they expect to increase spending on are text analytics and voice of the customer software vendors, while market research firms are at the bottom
>The top interaction channel to focus on for improvements in 2013 is the Web, followed by mobile.
>CX pros at companies with 1,000 or more employees are more satisfied than those from smaller organizations. At the same time, 48% of CX pros a larger organizations are likely to look for a new job outside their company in 2013 compared with 39% of those form smaller firms.
>Seventy-eight percent of CX executives see networking as a key professional development goal compared with 71% of non-execs.
>Sixty-two percent of CX non-execs see training as a key professional development goal compared with 47% of execs.

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