SLICE-B Experience Evaluation Methodology


SLICE-B Experience Evaluation

Temkin Group has created an expert review methodology that can be used to evaluate experiences within and across any channel (Web, IVR, phone, store, etc.). It consistes of 12 criteria across these areas of an interaction:

  • Start. The extent to which the user is drawn into the experience.
  • Locate. The ease in which the user can find what she needs.
  • Interact. The ease in which the user can understand and control the experience.
  • Complete. The confidence that the user has that her goal was accomplished.
  • End. The transition into next steps.
  • Brand Coherence. The reinforcement of a company’s brand.


Using The SLICE-B Methodology

The strength of an expert review is that it can be done quickly and often at a lower cost than other forms of evaluations like usability labs. In this type of methodology, a trained “expert” attempts to complete a goal and evaluates the experience as if he or she was the user.

While Temkin Group recommends that companies use a portfolio of experience evaluation methodologies, an expert review can be a powerful option for identifying major flaws in an experience. These SLICE-B reviews can be helpful in the following areas:

  • Identifying key problems with an existing experience
  • Comparing experiences with competitors and other companies
  • Reviewing prototype designs for changes or new experiences
  • Embedding the criteria into ongoing design processes
  • Temkin Group can complete these reviews for your company or train your staff on how to use the methodology internally.


The SLICE-B Scorecard

Here is the Temkin Group’s 12 question SLICE-B scorecard:
Download the SLICE-B Scorecard (.pdf)

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