Customer experience workshops to train your employees Our open enrollment workshops are one of Temkin Group’s training offerings, which also include in-house workshops that we can customize to meet the needs of your organization.

Schedule of Upcoming Workshops

Temkin Group currently has the following workshops scheduled (the price is $1,895/student unless otherwise noted):

We will be continuing to add additional workshops, so bookmark this page!

Enjoy A Unique Learning Experience

Temkin Group designs its training programs to be engaging, fun, and above all, informative. Because we believe that people learn best when they actively apply what they are learning to their own specific situations, our training sessions combine multiple teaching modes to help participants better internalize the information and adopt new behaviors. Our teaching modes include lectures, interactive discussions, small-group exercises, self-assessments, and action planning. Workshop attendees receive:

  • Leading-edge customer experience management skills
  • Training from leading experts in the field
  • Access to Temkin Group tools & methodologies
  • Insights from other CX professionals
  • Certificate of CX ExpertiseAttendees who complete the workshops will receive a Certificate of CX Expertise in the area of the workshop. Those who complete the “Driving Customer Experience Transformation” plus one other workshop will also receive a Certificate of CX Mastery .

Temkin Group has extended its Non Profit Scholarship Program into 2018, enabling qualified employees from non profit organizations to have their tuitions waived for our workshops.

Description of Open Enrollment Workshops

Temkin Group currently offers these open-enrollment workshops:

Mapping and Improving Your Customers’ Journey

Every customer is on a journey, yet companies treat each customer interaction as if it’s an isolated event. To improve customer experience, organizations must understand and cater to their customer’s entire journey. During this workshop, attendees will learn how to:

  • Create customer journey maps. Learn the key elements of an effective customer journey map and go through some of the steps for developing a draft customer journey map during guided exercises.
  • Incorporate design personas. Learn about the importance of design personas and how to create them.
  • Use customer journey maps. Develop a plan for getting immediate and long-term value from CJMs inside your organization
  • Drive actions with customer journey maps. Explore ways to improve customer experiences based on moments of truth identified in customer journey maps.
  • Lead internal sessions. Take away templates and guidance for leading customer journey mapping sessions in your organization.

Download sample agenda (.pdf)  

Driving Customer Experience Transformation

This workshop is ideal for executives as well as individual contributors who are responsible for improving CX and are looking for a practical, disciplined approach to driving sustainable change within their organization. During this workshop, attendees will learn how to:

  • Become a CX change agent. Understand the key principles for driving customer experience improvements across organization.
  • Identify your organization’s CX strengths & weaknesses. Gauge your CX maturity using Temkin Group’s CX Competency & Maturity Model.
  • Evaluate experiences from the customer’s perspective. Systematically evaluate experiences using Temkin Group’s SLICE-B methodology.
  • Improve and design experiences. Learn how to apply concepts like Temkin Group’s People-Centered Experience Design and develop feedback, metrics and measurements that reinforce CX goals and objectives.
  • Engage employees in the transformation. Learn how Temkin Group’s Employee-Engaging Transformation model provides a blueprint for enlisting the hearts and minds of your employees.
  • Prepare for CCXP certification. Learn a lot of the topics covered in the Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) exam.

Download sample agenda (.pdf)  

Engaging Employees in a Customer-Centric Culture

This workshop is ideal for executives as well as individual contributors who are responsible for engaging employees as part of transforming culture to be more customer-centric. Both CX and HR professionals will benefit from a more practical, disciplined approach to use within their organization. During this workshop, attendees will learn how to:

  • Articulate the essence of culture. Learn and discuss what culture is and how to create a culture that aligns employees to be customer-centric.
  • Make the case for EE. Develop a quantitative and qualitative understanding of how employee engagement (EE) is connected to both customer experience success and overall improved business performance by examining Temkin Group’s Employee Engagement Virtuous Cycle.
  • Develop toolkit for improving EE. Learn best practices across Temkin Group’s Five I’s of Employee Engagement, including how to build employee listening systems and evaluate the impact employees have on customer interactions.
  • Identify your EE priorities. Gauge the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s EE efforts using Temkin Group’s Employee Engagement Maturity and Competency Assessment.
  • Drive EE practices with leaders. Learn how to activate senior leaders and middle managers to fulfill their part in engaging employees.

Download sample agenda (.pdf)

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