Propel CX in 2018

We Help Accelerate Customer Experience Efforts

As you put together plans to improve your organizations’ customer experience in 2018, don’t leave your success to chance. Tap into Temkin Group’s expertise to accelerate your results. Here are some of the ways that Temkin Group can help:

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Strategy Sessions

Improve your customer experience with Temkin Group consulting services

Temkin Group will evaluate your customer experience strategy and plans to make sure that you’re on the right track. We can provide advice though a single on-site strategy day or with our Strategy Review & Refresh Program. Services include benchmarking customer experience competencies and identifying key activity and performance gaps.


Improve your customer experience with Temkin Group training workshops

We provide customized on-site workshops for CX professionals, ambassadors, senior executives, and leadership teams. These highly interactive training sessions can be designed for a wide range of topics, including building a customer-centric culture, increasing employee engagement, and using customer journey mapping. We can teach you to master basics or learn advanced techniques.

Research & Advisory Subscriptions

Improve your customer experience with Temkin Group Research & Advisory Subscriptions

Gain access to our ongoing leading-edge research, which includes best practices, trends, and benchmarking data. Our subscriptions also include advisory sessions where our CX Transformists will help you make important decisions, think through different strategies, or brainstorm any topic that is on your mind. It’s like having an CX expert on your staff.

CX Institute Online Training

Improve your customer experience with Temkin Group's CX Institute online training

Our CX Institute ( provides scalable online training that can be deployed to 100s or 1,000s of employees. We have designed the eLearning modules to instill a customer-centric mindset within leaders, managers, and supervisors across an organization and provide them with the knowledge and skills to drive change.

Book an Inspiring Speech

Improve your customer experience by having Temkin Group delivering an inspiring speech

Temkin Group can deliver highly engaging, entertaining speeches about leading-edge customer experience practices and trends. We can inspire audiences ranging from small, intimate groups to main stage keynotes in front of hundreds of people. Think of us for kick off meetings, off-sites, or client events.


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