2013 Research

Best Practices for Actively Listening to Employees

August 2013

Employees are a valuable asset, not only for what they do but also for what they know. Unfortunately, companies regularly underuse or outright ignore their insights. To understand what it takes to tap into employee knowledge, we researched best practices in employee listening. Our analysis uncovered four key areas of listening: employee satisfaction and engagement, customer experience engagement, customer experience improvement, and employee experience improvement. This report outlines case studies from five companies with robust employee listening programs: Adobe, Fidelity, Microsoft, TELUS, and USAA. These firms shared many strong practices, from structured listening programs—like Adobe’s annual employee engagement survey and USAA’s pulse polls—to interactive and adaptive efforts like TELUS’s Habitat Social online platform, Fidelity’s Voice of Customer Ambassador program, and Microsoft’s Last Mile Excellence process. We recommend implementing an employee listening blueprint that includes annual surveys, pulse surveys, and online forums.

Here’s an overview of some of the best practices across the five case studies:



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