2017 Research

Dataset: 2017 Temkin Trust Ratings, UK

July 2017

Trust is a critical component of a strong relationship with customers. That’s why Temkin Group has been measuring trust for several years in the U.S.

This year we’re publishing the 2017 Temkin Trust Ratings, UK, which evaluates 157 companies across 16 industries based on a survey of 5,000 UK consumers in January 2017 (see full list of companies below).

At the top of the ratings are Nationwide, John Lewis, and M&S Food.  At the bottom of the list are Audi, Bank of Scotland, and BMW. Nationwide, Nissan, and Virgin Atlantic are more than 20 percentage-points above their industry averages, while Audi and Bank of Scotland are more than 40 points below their peers.

This dataset contains the 2017 Temkin trust Ratings, UK for all 157 companies as well as industry average ratings by age groups. You can download a sample of the dataset (.xls).




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