2011 Research

State of CX Metrics, 2011

November 2011

Companies know that it’s important to use customer experience (CX) metrics and many are already getting value from those efforts. To understand what companies are doing in this area, we surveyed more than 200 large organizations. Companies use a wide range of different metrics with varied results. They track customer service, satisfaction, and phone experiences fairly well. On the other hand, they’re not very effective at measuring customers across the lifecycle, the emotional response of customers, or cross-channel interactions. When it comes to how they run their businesses, companies haven’t integrated CX metrics into their decision making or operational processes. In only 41% of firms, for instance, do execs look at CX metrics more frequently than once per quarter. Using Temkin Group’s four-question assessment, we found that only 10% of firms have good CX metrics programs, and they deliver better customer experience.


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