2014 Research

Tech Vendor NPS Benchmark, 2014

July 2014

We surveyed IT decision makers from more than 800 large North American firms to understand how they view their tech vendors. One of the questions we asked provides Net Promoter Scores® (NPS®) for 63 of those companies. EDS and VMware earned the highest NPS while Autodesk and Cognizant earned the lowest. The overall industry average NPS dropped for the second straight year. Our analysis also examined the link between NPS and loyalty, finding that compared with severe detractors, promoters are much more likely to spend more in 2014, try new products and services when they are announced, and forgive the vendor if it makes a mistake. When examining the loyalty levels for each vendor, we found that SunGard and IBM software have the most customers increasing their purchases in 2014, while Satyam and EDS have customers who are most willing to try their new offerings. Our research also shows that promoters are more concerned than detractors about getting lower prices. Research includes a report (.pdf) and dataset (.xls).

The report includes graphics with data for NPS, 2014 purchase intentions, likelihood to forgive, likelihood to try a new offering, and areas of improvement for the 63 tech vendors that had at least 40 pieces of feedback. The excel spreadsheet includes this data (in more detail) for the 63 companies as well as for 22 other tech vendors with less than 40 pieces of feedback. It also includes the summary NPS scores from 2013.


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