2017 Research

Temkin Loyalty Index, 2017

October 2017

The 2017 Temkin Loyalty Index (TLi) evaluates how loyal 10,000 U.S. consumers feel towards 329 companies across 20 industries. To determine companies’ TLi, we asked respondents to rate how likely they are to exhibit five loyalty-related behaviors: repurchasing from the company, recommending the company to others, forgiving the company if it makes a mistake, trusting the company, and trying the company’s new offerings. Here’s a list of companies.

Download Includes report plus dataset in Excel. Here’s a sample spreadsheet.

Temkin Group’s TLi is based on evaluating consumers’ likelihood to do these five things (data for these items are included in the dataset):

  • Repurchase from the company
  • Recommend the company to others
  • Forgive the company if it makes a mistake
  • Trust the company
  • Try new offerings from the company

Here are the top and bottom rated companies:

Here are the ranges of scores by industry:

See the 2016 Temkin Loyalty Index.




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