2012 Research

The Five I’s of Employee Engagement

November 2012

Employee engagement leads to great customer experience and superior business results. Despite the compelling upside to employee engagement, many companies neglect this key area, leaving employees much less than fully engaged. Our research uncovered 25 best practices across what we call the Five I’s of Employee Engagement: Inform, Inspire, Instruct, Involve, and Incent. Among these practices are Symantec’s Customer First News, an online customer experience update “broadcast” for employees, Sprint’s “day in the life of the frontline” experience bringing senior leaders together with call center and retail employees in their locations, Disney Store’s e-learning modules that develop both retail and entertainment skills in cast members, Fidelity Investments’ Voice of the Customer Ambassador program, and BKD’s Hi5 peer recognition campaign. CX professionals cannot drive employee engagement on their own; it requires support from across the organization. We’ve identified some areas for CX to start collaborating with HR.

While previous Temkin Group research found a strong connection between employee engagement and both productivity and customer experience, only 35% of large firms’ employee engagement efforts received strong ratings

Based on interviews with over 20 companies, this report identifies 25 best practices and highlights more than 60 examples of ways companies are engaging employees in their customer experience efforts across the Five I’s of Employee Engagement. There are 13 exhibits providing additional information on a number of the leading practices highlighted in the report.

Here are the 25 best practices across the Five Is or Employee Engagement:


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