company-wide Customer Experience training

Customer Experience Training for Your organization

If you want to learn about customer experience, then there’s no better instructor than Temkin Group. We can help your employees build a foundation of the basics, or learn advanced techniques for propelling your organization’s customer experience from good to great.

Temkin Group can teach your employees how to apply leading-edge customer experience practices through our companywide online trainingopen enrollment workshops, and in-house training programs. See the many ways that we can help accelerate your customer experience journey.

We take training very seriously, constantly fine-tuning our approach to delivering leading-edge content through compelling learning experiences. Here’s some of what makes our training special:

  • Instructors with strong subject matter expertise and training skills.
  • Extensive experience delivering interactive training sessions.
  • Leading-edge content continuously fueled by ongoing research.
  • Instructional design mindset for incorporating multiple learning methods.
  • Large library of interactive modules to customize for your needs.

Companywide Online Training

The CX Institute offers online training to provide employees across your organization (from first-line supervisors to senior executives) with the knowledge, skills, & mindset required to become more customer-centric. It combines leading-edge insights from Temkin Group with self-paced online training that has been developed using modern instructional design techniques. This training can be licensed for 100s or 1,000s of your employees and can be combined with Temkin Group’s workshops to create a comprehensive training program that’s tailored to meet your needs. Download an overview of the CX Institute or visit for more information.

Open Enrollment Workshops

Get out of your office and immerse yourself in one of Temkin Group’s public workshops. Join attendees from other B2B, B2C, government, and non-profit organizations in our hands-on training sessions that we offer in different cities throughout the year. We offer three varieties of these workshops:

  • Driving Customer Experience Transformation. This workshop is ideal for executives as well as individual contributors who are responsible for improving CX and are looking for a practical, disciplined approach to driving sustainable change within their organization. Participants will learn how to assess their CX maturity, evaluate experiences, and build a customer-centric culture.
  • Mapping and Improving Your Customers’ Journey. This workshop is ideal for people who want to use customer journey mapping in their organization, whether they are doing it internally or hiring an external firm. Participants will learn how to create and use customer journey maps.
  • Engaging Employees In Your CX Journey. This workshop is ideal for executives as well as individual contributors who are responsible for raising employee engagement as part of their organization’s overarching customer experience strategy. Both CX and HR professionals will benefit from this practical, disciplined approach that they can use within their organization.

In-House Training Programs

Temkin Group can deliver customized versions of its public workshops as well as fully tailored training programs for your organization. We can design half-day, one-day, or multi-day training sessions to meet your needs. Our in-house training programs can be focus on a variety of audiences, including:

  • CX professionals: Gain skills for improving customer experience
  • CX ambassadors: Gain knowledge and confidence for driving change
  • HR professionals: Gain skills for improving culture and employee engagement
  • Executives: Understand how to lead a customer-centric organization
  • Employees: Recognize their role in delivering great customer experience

One of our most popular in-house training options is a Customer Journey Mapping Workshop. Through hands on exercises, we help you understand and master this important tool.

If you’re interested in creating a continuous CX learning environment within your organization, then you may be interested in Temkin Group’s Educational Webinar Series.

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